Jeff’s services have been a great addition to VanAire and our Quality Management System. I am amazed with his attention to detail and his ability to compartmentalize our system when he works with so many companies. We genuinely look forward to Jeff’s audits and the constructive manner in which he presents his findings. The entire VanAire team feels that Jeff wants to help us improve and he has been successful in achieving that goal.

William VanDeVusse

President & CEO, VanAire, Inc., Gladstone, MI

Jeff and I worked together to implement ISO 9001 as a mutual client. Jeff’s knowledge of the standard and understanding of the business processes required by it were invaluable to our success. He knows ISO 9001. Beyond the knowledge, however, Jeff possesses wisdom. I enjoyed seeing his own attitude of customer service as he worked diligently to help various leaders overcome obstacles in their areas. When the obstacle was knowledge, he taught the “how”. When the obstacle was desire, he taught the “why”. This is the heart of a teacher. Jeff urges businesses to go beyond the rote compliance. He teaches leaders and team members the purpose of each requirement and constructs a vision of strategic, vital, and genuine customer service.

Adam Patrick

Information Designer / Program Writer, Deft Flux, Oshkosh, WI

Thanks for your continued support from our ISO 9001 process, certification and soon-to-be re-certification. The decision we made to team up with Quality Systems Associates to get this project going is constantly reinforced to have been a very good decision. Just as important, I feel we have also built a very good business relationship and friendship. Please know that your knowledge, skill, and guidance has played a significant role in GT Machine’s success and you are greatly appreciated.

Jerry Holschbach

Facilitator, GT Machine, LLC Two Rivers, WI

We just returned from a year-end meeting with one or our larger customers and they told us we are leading all of their suppliers with highest on-time delivery and lowest reject PPM. I have to credit a lot of it to the ISO 9001 quality management system that you helped us create. I appreciate everything you have done and helped us with, we truly could not have done it without your help.

Bob Heroux

Quality Assurance Manager, Highview Customer Fabricating, Inc. Oneida, WI

It’s official. We are gooood!! Our registrar auditor came in looking for something to write up since no one had ever had no findings two audits in a row. Guess what? He’s now found someone who has no findings three times in a row! Thanks for all of your input and helpful suggestions, and your help in making us look good.

LuAnn Beyer

Administrative Manager, A.F. Gelhar Co., Inc. Markesan, WI

The key to MCD’s successful ISO 9001 implementation was the leadership and support of the company’s top management. Having made the decision that a quality management system would help define their process flow, MCD’s executive management team created a detailed project plan with the help of a consultant, Mr. Jeff Heinzen of Quality Systems Associates, Inc. Combing this systematic approach with active employee involvement throughout the company, the management team put a robust quality management system in place that standardized and streamlined their work processes, added enhanced tracking and reporting capabilities, and increased overall productivity and customer satisfaction.

TUV America Inc.

QMS Registrar, ANAB Accredited Certification Body

Jeff Heinzen has the uncanny ability to translate the technical information contained within the ISO 9001 and AS9100 Standards to simple terms and practical steps. He demonstrates confidence, knowledge and mostly a knack of making people understand the AS9100 elements. Jeff made it an enjoyable experience to learn, interact, and mostly gain a base knowledge of quality management systems. The understanding, working out solutions to questions and problems has made me more appreciative of Jef’f’s involvement in our system development. I see Jeff as part of our team and not just as our consultant. Be confident in knowing that Jeff Heinzen will perform well in helping to facilitate results in your organization.

Goodrich Aircraft Seating Systems

Peshtigo, WI

Jeff is a quality systems professional who knows and understands the importance of a robust quality management system and how to roll it out for success within an organization. His in-depth knowledge and personal demeanor make him a valuable leader and asset to any team.

Doug Pribyl

Executive Vice President, Mid Valley Industries, LLC Kaukauna, WI

Jeff’s expert knowledge, work ethic, and integrity contributed towards our company receiving ISO 9001 Certification without a single nonconformance. Jeff is very personable and his interaction with out employees and management staff was the perfect recipe for success. I highly recommend Jeff for any company needing guidance with their certification process.

Jeff Philibeck

Vice President of Operations, Bent Tubes, LLC Neenah, WI

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