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Quality Systems Associates, Inc. specializes in the development of effective ISO 9001 based quality management systems. By applying these internationally recognized standards, QSA has assisted a diverse group of industries in achieving ISO 9001 Registration and increasing the effectiveness of their resources.

QSA provides a practical, proven approach to the implementation of ISO 9001 through experience in interpreting and applying the Standards. This “hands-on” experience facilitates the avoidance of documentation rework and promotes a streamlined, cost-effective approach which is focused on the continuous quality improvement of the organization.

CALL: (920) 682-9045

A vision of strategic, vital, and genuine customer service.

Jeff and I worked together to implement ISO 9001 as a mutual client. Jeff’s knowledge of the standard and understanding of the business processes required by it were invaluable to our success. He knows ISO 9001. Beyond the knowledge, however, Jeff possesses wisdom. I enjoyed seeing his own attitude of customer service as he worked diligently to help various leaders overcome obstacles in their areas. When the obstacle was knowledge, he taught the “how”. When the obstacle was desire, he taught the “why”. This is the heart of a teacher. Jeff urges businesses to go beyond the rote compliance. He teaches leaders and team members the purpose of each requirement and constructs a vision of strategic, vital, and genuine customer service”.

Adam Patrick

Information Designer / Program Writer, Deft Flux, Oshkosh, WI

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